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For 15 years, Genevieve has devoted herself to the art of visual storytelling. Her work as a photographer and cinematographer is grounded in community documentary projects that capture authentic, personal and compelling stories. Her projects have focused on a range of topics, including health and wellness, community building and sustainability, women in leadership, personal history, the arts and education. She has received grants from the New Mexico Humanities Council, the Urban Enhancement Trust Fund of the City of Albuquerque, and the KUMN Independent Producers Fund for video and photography production of two multimedia projects: LOS REYES STORY and THE JAZZ OF ENCHANTMENT. Genevieve has produced, directed, and shot promotional and advocacy documentaries for Easter Seals of New Mexico, the Santa Fe Waldorf School, Southwest Spanish Craftsmen, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, and the Bali Art Project; she also has created numerous documentaries that promote artists' work and preserve family histories. As a cinematographer, she has contributed to the feature-length documentaries STILL DREAMING, MY MOTHER's DAUGHTER and BIRDS IN THE PARK, as well as "Day One and Day Two" a series of videos for the New Mexico Department of Health. Genevieve's photographs have appeared in Smithsonian Folkways Magazine, New Mexico Magazine, the Santa Fean, and the Albuquerque Tribune.

Genevieve lives her passion, putting her subjects at ease and calling out not the crisis, but the compassion, beauty, and inspiration that exist in every story. Genevieve founded StoryPortrait Media in 2007 to create documentary films and multimedia pieces that educate, engage, empower and inspire.

NMWIF, PO Box 33351, Santa Fe, NM 87594, USA     Email:  nmwifinfo@gmail.com

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